FORUM RULES - Read this thread before posting.

Read this thread before posting.
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FORUM RULES - Read this thread before posting.

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We expect a certain level of conduct from our forum members here. Please read and abide by these guidelines.


(1) - Read available topics before asking questions, and use the search function before posting. Chances are your question has already been answered.

(2) - Lurk for a while and get to know the forum before you post.

(3) - Stay on topic. Questions outside the scope of a specific forum will either be locked, moved, or deleted.

(4) - Do not post personal information about any member, ever. Revealing a member's identity and/or personal information without their permission is prohibited. Private Messages might be considered personal information in this regard, so be aware. CHECK NUMBER 15 AND 16.

(5) - Political and religious topics will be closed or deleted unless deemed relevant to the forum topic.

(6) - Personal attacks are prohibited, and insults will not be tolerated.

(7) - No spamming, trolling or troublemaking, intentional or not.

(8) - Do not use nicknames or avatars that could be deemed offensive by others.

(9) - Sexual and pornographic content is prohibited.

(10) - Members are allowed one account only. If you need a temporary account, account name change, or lost your account information, contact a moderator or administrator.

(11) - For now, all publicly displayed messages are restricted to English language only.

(12) - Trade offers are limited to the trade forum only.

(13) - No advertising of group buys, raffles, lotteries, pyramid schemes, or similar content unless given explicit approval by a moderator.

(14) - No linking to dealer sites which intentionally sell goods that violate established trademarks or copyrights.

(15) - If you have a problem with another member, ask for help from one of the moderators or administrators.

(16) - Instructions from moderators and administrators are to be followed.

(17) - Be respectful to the moderators and administrators. Violating this rule is grounds for account suspension. If you have any problem with a member of team, use the contact form on the index page.

(18) - Moderators and administrators may move, edit, lock, or delete any post. Problems with this should be directed to the moderator or administrator in question.

(19) - Administrators can suspend or ban any member for any reason.

(20) - Members who have not logged on HomageForum for 12 months may have their accounts deleted.


(1) - Post titles should be descriptive of the content of the post. Using special characters and caps to draw attention is discouraged.

(2) - Duplicate posts will be deleted.

(3) - Do not ask which product or website is "best". Everyone has their own views about this, so there is no correct answer.

(4) - No posting for the express purpose of increasing your post count.

(5) - Images should be no larger than 1024x768 pixels. Larger images will be deleted.

(6) - External image hosting (via Flickr, Imageshack, Photobucket, etc.) is preferred.

(7) - Use of the feedback system for reasons other than leaving feedback regarding actual sale or trade transactions is prohibited.

Site Policy:

(1) - These rules can and will be changed without notice.

(2) - We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason.

(3) - We reserve the right to remove or edit any post for any reason. We will edit or delete posts and give you one warning not to repeat the offense. Repeated offenses warrant a temporary suspension or permanent ban.

(4) - If we miss any posts or threads that cross the Behavior and Posting guidelines, please notify a moderator so that they can be dealt with appropriately. These guidelines are here to help create a better community for everyone.